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Optimizing referral program through A/B testing


Company Soko Glam is the most trusted source for Korean beauty products, curating the leading Korean skincare, cosmetics & makeup brands


New York, NY



Client objective

Soko Glam wanted to boost customer acquisition and sales, improve internal A/B testing and optimization capabilities and increase visibility into referral program performance. Their former solution lacked functionality for Soko Glam to independently run and analyze meaningful A/B tests.


Talkable's Reporting Suite exposes customer conversion rates throughout the funnel to identify and A/B test underperforming share channels, copy, creative, placements, and user flow.

Boost Email Performance

Email open and click-through rates were below industry benchmarks when compared to other Talkable clients within the beauty vertical.

  • Replaced email sender field with the name of the Advocate and re-formatted HTML-heavy emails
  • Improved open and click-through rates increased customer acquisition from email sharing by 10%

Optimize Screen Layout

Advocates could share via several different channels. X (formerly Twitter) shares converted at <1%.

  • Implemented A/B test on specific referral pages to feature only best performing share channels-Email, Facebook, and Direct link to increase Friend click-through rate
  • The variant without X (formerly Twitter) had better overall conversion and generated 15% more purchases

Improve Overall Conversion

Only 14% of referred friends made a purchase within the first 24 hours of visiting the site.

  • Tested gleam: persistent banner on site reminding any returning referred friend of her offer
  • Referred friend purchase rate increased by 34%


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Referral channel contribution to overall sales

The flexibility that Talkable offers
is unparalleled by other vendors. You can tinker with almost every aspect of the program and test and analyze every aspect of your campaigns. I haven’t seen any other referral vendor that can offer the level of flexibility that Talkable has
chanelle leslie - referral program talkable

Chanelle Leslie, Senior Manager of Acquisition Marketing

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Referral marketing as a higher converting traffic source
Working with Talkable has been extremely positive. We started at zero and quickly got to a good place.
guillaume pauthion - referral program talkable

Guillaume Pauthion

Europe Brand Manager

Niche apparel

Turning niche professionals into brand ambassadors with referrals
Talkable has helped Outdoor Research boost both our new customer and Pro acquisition through their advanced platform and optimization ability.
zach alexander - referral program talkable

Zach Alexander

Pro Marketing Specialist


Boosting sales through referrals while preventing customer gaming of the program
Talkable has customized the platform to meet the goals of our company to cross-sell existing customers into new brands and convert new-to-company customers as well. Great and trustworthy partner.
griffin thall - referral program talkable

Griffin Thall


Grow your brand with Talkable

Whether you are looking to acquire new customers, increase customer loyalty, or drive new subscriptions, Talkable can help.

Talk to an Expert
Ian J. Ecommerce Manager
“From start to finish, the process was very simple to implement. It’s honestly one of the only products I’ve ever encountered where I’ve been told it’s only a couple of hours to implement, and it was actually only a couple of hours.”
Neta D. COO
“Talkable has been a great part of our growth. Nothing speaks better than a friend’s recommendation. Great product, great team, highly recommended.”
Andrew S. Senior Growth Associate
“Great fraud detection, simple reporting tools that make it very easy for us to extract data from Talkable. Keeps great track of all associated metrics and is very user friendly.”
Ben J. Web Manager
“Pros: Support from their team, whether it be setting up new campaigns, helping with development or coming to the table with new ideas. Easy integration with Shopify and our other processes.”
Ian S. Marketing Manager
“Super easy A/B testing functionality for everything! Tons of data and every report type you could ever want. An easy to use interface, all the data you need is right at your fingertips.”