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Meet our customer success team

We’re a tight-knit team dedicated to helping great companies grow.

Head of Customer Success - referral marketing talkable customer success team

Olivia studied abroad in New Zealand where she leapt 43-metres from the historic Kawarau Bridge — the world's first commercial bungee jumping site.

Olivia DePreter

Head of Customer Success

Before moving to San Francisco, Olivia lived in Nashville where she received her MBA from Vanderbilt University. Prior to returning to school, she lived in New York City where she worked at various marketing agencies. She is dedicated to customer success and constantly improving Talkable’s communication strategy.

Senior Customer Success Manager - referral marketing talkable customer success team

When not at work, Veronica loves new adventures and dreams of traveling to every corner of the world. Her last trip abroad was to the beautiful country of Nepal.

Veronica Freltoft

Senior Customer Success Manager

Veronica received her M.Sc. in Business Development and Innovation from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Since then she has worked with B2B customers across the world in numerous verticals. She strives to go above and beyond to ensure that every customer she works with is successful and has an enjoyable experience.

Senior Implementation Manager - referral marketing talkable customer success team

In his spare time Spencer enjoys woodworking and creates bespoke name puzzles for kids.

Spencer Bailey

Senior Implementation Manager

Spencer is a NY native. After graduating from Syracuse University’s iSchool he moved out West to start a career in Financial Technology. His 7 years in FinTech afforded experiences from Business Analyst to lead Front-End developer and Professional Services Management. When he's not in the office, you'll likely find him outside, running and hiking the Bay Area or in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

Customer Success Manager - referral marketing talkable customer success team

Jeremy learned the art of Muay Thai in Chiang Mai and, while there, was tattooed by the same monk as Anthony Bourdain (but Jeremy got there first!).

Jeremy Salazar

Customer Success Manager

Jeremy has worked in e-commerce for five years and tried his hand at opening an online store of his own, so he's particularly focused on providing an excellent user experience while ensuring business goals are met (or exceeded!). He studied Communication and Business at the University of Southern California (Go Trojans!).

Customer Success Manager - referral marketing talkable customer success team

Based in New York City, Marc obtained his MPS in Global Fashion Management from FIT with full intentions to devote his career to in-house Marketing and eCommerce in the fashion and lifestyle industries. After four years at the helm of eCommerce, CRM & Marketing at a global luxury fashion house, Marc found such incredible value in his relationships with Customer Success Managers that he altered his career path to Customer Success with leading SaaS software providers in eCommerce, CRM, Loyalty, and Project Management. Marc enjoys the close partnership he develops with his clients in support of their referral program performance.

Marc Haynes

Customer Success Manager

Prior to his undergraduate, Marc was in talks to be recruited as a competitive swimmer in backstroke after earning awards nationally. Outside of his career, Marc enjoys raising his 7 year old daughter Vivienne, who aspires to be a performer at the NYC ballet and a rising TikTok star.

Head of Campaign Management - referral marketing talkable customer success team

Stacey loves to teach her little corgi, Ivy, various tricks including cheek kissing and jumping over obstacles.

Stacey Ukhova

Head of Campaign Management

Stacey has over nine years in the digital space of online marketing as well as leading teams. Stacey has her hands full not only managing Talkable’s very best team of Campaign Managers but also constantly researching new ways to optimize referral program performance.

Senior Campaign Manager - referral marketing talkable customer success team

Oksana is a believer in the power of horoscopes, so she knows the zodiac sign of every colleague and lets them know when they have a lucky (or not so lucky) day on the horizon.

Oksana Bespalova

Senior Campaign Manager

Oksana has over seven years of experience in digital marketing. She's driven by a desire to explore new marketing trends, uncover best practices, and help clients constantly iterate upon their programs. She prides herself on her laser eye for detail and ability to think outside the box. As a result, she’s everyone’s go-to teammate for brainstorming new ideas.

Senior Campaign Manager - referral marketing talkable customer success team

Dasha can eat 48 oysters in one sitting (really, she’s done it before)!

Dasha Fesyura

Senior Campaign Manager

Dasha has over 10 years of experience in consumer marketing. Her background has involved running national promotional campaigns, executing new product launches, and developing sponsorship programs. Her clients have included P&G, LMVH, Unilever, LG, and Lenovo. She is an excellent project manager and provides teammates lessons on how to best manage their time.

Campaign Manager - referral marketing talkable customer success team

Ira loves traveling and has already been to 25+ countries and 40+ different cities including her favorite, London.

Ira Sitalo

Campaign Manager

Ira studied marketing at the University and soon thereafter started a career in advertising and public relations. She is now focused on referral marketing and believes in the power of word of mouth to build a brand. Through her various roles, she’s developed a passion for design (graphic and web) and applies this eye for detail to all of the campaigns she works on.

Campaign Manager - referral marketing talkable customer success team

Vlad loves to spin records in clubs during his free time.

Vlad Siabruk

Campaign Manager

Prior to Talkable, Vlad spent over 8 years in marketing at adidas Group. He successfully launched loyalty programs for adidas and Reebok and managed various other DTC projects. He loves streetwear and was the first person to bring Yeezy sneakers to Ukraine where he organized 7 “drops,” all of which sold out within three hours.

Campaign Manager - referral marketing talkable customer success team

If not at work, Kate can probably be found snowboarding, surfing, or just off traveling.

Kate Sunduk

Campaign Manager

Kate has over 8 years of experience in affiliate marketing and business development. In her previous role, she built a brand new user acquisition channel for MacKeeper from scratch — which quickly become a leader in its niche.

Campaign Manager - referral marketing talkable customer success team

Alex is a single dad to his beloved cat, Kafka. Extra fun fact: all of his indoor plants have names!

Alex Kryvoruchko

Campaign Manager

Alex has a masters degree in international relations and more than 8 years of marketing and account management experience. Before Talkable, he worked at Leo Burnett Ukraine where his clients included P&G, Philip Morris, BNP Paribas, amongst others. In addition to advertising, he has PR and event experience.

Implementation Manager - referral marketing talkable customer success team

Last time Olena visited a games shop, she left with a full carry-on bag worth of board games!

Olena Lazorenko

Implementation Manager

Olena believes in the power of a first impression making her well suited to on-boarding new customers. Happy clients are her top priority and she works to ensure Talkable clients are implemented as smoothly as possible. She has a wide variety of interests spanning from gaming to nuclear power (which she’s taken a class on).

Implementation Campaign Manager - referral marketing talkable customer success team

You can often see Kate chasing her beagle, Carl, across various parks in Kyiv.

Kate Kelemen

Implementation Campaign Manager

Kate has a masters degree in both Political Science and Public Administration and has over 5 years of experience in project management and 2 years in quality assurance. She’s also multilingual (she speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Polish plus knows some German and basic Hungarian)!

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