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Talkable Features

Leverage the full-suite of Talkable Features to shape customers’ experiences, leading to sustained engagement and advocacy.

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Power Ongoing Optimizations

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Access In-Depth Data & Reporting

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Deliver Personalized & Enhanced Experiences

Advanced segmentation

Target different customer audiences based on select attributes:
geo-location, product SKU, and behavioral insights.

  • 1
    Show a new customer a higher offer than an existing customer, or grow an audience in a specific target market;
  • 2
    Provide different rewards for the same actions based on different customers’ loyalty tiers;
  • 3
    Show email conversion campaigns to first-time visitors after a specific time period and target by IP address;
  • 4
    Gather zero-party data at the opportune time and use it for precise targeting.
talkable feature data protection

Protect Your Data

Talkable takes individual data privacy seriously.

Talkable’s campaigns can be made GDPR and CCPA compliant, and are SOC II certified. Talkable ensures reliable data protection for customers. The product ecosystem has various layers of defense and all security measures in place; including data hosted in the USA.

fraud prevention talkable

Industry Leading Fraud Prevention

Across the industry, 40% of referrals are fraudulent.

Talkable’s fraud algorithm has evolved over the last decade and has blocked over 5 million fraudulent attempts, which equates to over $110M in savings for customers. Brands have the power to configure how strict or lenient self-referral or loyalty fraud settings may be.

Protect your brand’s loyalty program from gaming. Activate a time delay on loyalty points to account for the refund period so that users can’t use points and then return the purchase.

mobile optimized loyalty program talkable

Activate Mobile Optimized Programs

Referral and Loyalty campaigns are designed with a mobile-first approach. Liquid designs allow for a seamless user experience cross-device. Optimize mobile campaigns with the A/B testing suite and gain insights into mobile shopping behaviors.

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Reward Your Customers

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More likely to try a new product or service

Activate Lapsed Customers

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More likely to refer-a-friend

Encourage Repeat Purchase

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Loyal customers are 5x more likely to repurchase

Timeline to Launch

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