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How We Help You Drive Growth

Our combined growth marketing solutions ensure you are acquiring new high value customers and retaining existing ones.

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Referral Marketing

Unlock the power of your existing customers and drive low-cost new customer acquisition with our highly customizable, robust refer-a-friend solution. Segment your audience, serve-up high converting offers and rewards, and ultimately transform your customers into engaged advocates.

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A True End-to-End Solution for Referral Marketing

Campaign Management

Quickly Create and Manage Effective Campaigns

Create stunning campaigns that are proven to convert. Talkable’s platform allows brands to quickly adapt to the seasonality of their business without engineering support. Talkable’s Customer Success team will help you ideate, design and launch new campaigns.

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A/B Testing

Power On-going Optimizations

Easily launch experiments to test reward offers, campaign placements and designs to determine the highest-performing campaign configurations. Talkable’s Customer Success Managers is also an extension of your team and here to help strategize and monitor your campaign testing.

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Data & Reporting

Discover Trends and Insights

Access to in-depth reporting and analytics, marketers will have a clear insight into program performance and ROI. Talkable’s detailed dashboard allows brands to optimize every step of the referral journey.

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Deliver Personalized and Enhanced Experiences

Target various customer audiences based on behavioral and purchase insights and serve personalized offers or rewards to make your campaigns more effective.

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Fraud Prevention

Industry Leading Fraud Prevention

Talkable has been in the business of referral marketing for over a decade, and over that time we have perfected our fraud management algorithm. During this time, we have saved customers over $100M in fraudulent referrals.

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Data Protection

Protect Your Data

Talkable’s campaigns can be made GDPR and CCPA compliant, and are SOC II certified. Talkable ensures reliable data protection for customers and is proactive on any new privacy legislation.

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Loyalty Marketing: Retain Your Most Loyal Customers with More Than Just Points & Tiers.

Talkable’s high-touch, loyalty solution is designed to fit the unique needs and demands of your customers; engaging them in personal ways and delivering meaningful rewards and experiences.

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referral marketing and loyalty program example

The Industries We Supercharge

Beauty & Cosmetics
Furniture & Home Goods
Food & Beverage
Health & Wellness

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What People Say

Talkable was able to bring our vision to life when it came to creating a loyalty program, unlike anything which exists today in the aesthetic industry.

Emily Sehbe, Head of Experience and Engagement

Emily Sehbe

Head of Experience & Engagement

Talkable Team are ALWAYS there to make it work, provide valuable feedback on driving incremental value to both our customers and our organization and simply a pleasure to get to collaborate with.

Kerim Agalar - Director, Retention

Kerim Agalar

Director, Retention

jason kastner green roads

Jason Kasten

Director, Events & Community

We are a busy team, with limited time to focus on optimizing our referral campaigns. Our Customer Success team at Talkable does all the heavy lifting to manage our campaigns, and we are so happy with the results. We have expanded to two additional countries during our first year, and plan to expand even more this year.

egan roa

Egan Roa

Head of Performance Marketing

Ben Coulter

Ben Coulter

Customer Insights Associate

The Talkable team truly cares about your success, including regular performance check-ins and offering recommendations for success. We’ve been very happy with our experience so far!


Miranda Johnson

Growth Marketing Manager

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Let’s talk about how Talkable can help transform your referral marketing strategy to better serve the modern consumer.

Your Partner

We know when you’re evaluating options, it’s important to be confident that you selected a partner who is invested in your success.

For that, we’ve got the best Customer Success team in the business. And don’t just take our word for it — check out our team and case studies.

Oksana Bespalova
Senior Campaign Manager
olivia depreter profile
Olivia DePreter
Head of Customer Success
Vlad Siabruk
Senior Campaign Manager, Loyalty
kate sunduk profile
Kate Sunduk
Campaign Manager
Marc Haynes, Loyalty Strategist
Marc Haynes
Loyalty Strategist
Veronica Freltoft
Head of Customer Growth


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